Our Team

It is nice to have a good idea but it is another thing to realize it. For that, you have to surround yourself with the right people. Guy and Gillescarefully assembled the stakeholder team with the invaluable assistance of Peter Gamble and Ann Sperling who remain their primary advisers.

Guy Lafleur

A star player for the Montreal Canadiens during the 1970s and 1980s, Guy Lafleur won five Stanley Cups and several trophies. Although passionate about hockey, Guy Lafleur is also an accomplished businessman and a lover of fine wines.

Gilles Chevalier

Gilles Chevalier, being a longtime wine lover visited many winegrowers, organized many private tastings and founded a vineyard in Niagara in 2006.

Our Experts

  • Peter Gamble

    Peter Gamble’s career in the wine industry began in the 1980s as a world-renowned professional winemaker, oenologist and educator. He served for a decade as the founding executive director of the Vintners Quality Alliance, established to set standards and lobby for the recognition of Canada's best wines.

    Since 2000, Peter's consulting firm has focused on prestigious wine start-ups, providing expertise in a range of areas from viticulture to winemaking, business plans and marketing. Peter recently focused on two projects with his wife wine consultant, Ann Sperling: the creation of Sperling Vineyards in the Okanagan, and Versado, an Argentinian Malbec from a small plantation in 1920 at high altitude in Mendoza.

  • Ann Sperling

    Considered a leading force in the Canadian organic and biodynamic winemaking movement, Ann Sperling has three decades of experience in creating top quality wines, critically acclaimed in Canada and internationally.

    She held winemaker positions in British Columbia and Ontario preceded internationalconsulting mandates in South Africa and Argentina, followed by more recent wine start-ups in British Columbia. Preferring an ideology centered on the vineyard, Ann applies organic and biodynamic grape practices detailed as a basis for a soft and non-interventionist vinification on the crusher and in the cellar, to achieve complex wines, from the terroir, of great subtlety and finesse. In 2008, one of the vineyards she runs was certified the first biodynamic winery in Canada.