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A few years ago Guy Lafleur and Gilles Chevalier went on a trip together in Niagara. They toured the vineyards, Guy really liked the region, the vineyards, the restaurants. For his part, Gilles Chevalier founded a vineyard in this region in 2006 and has built a solid network of contacts.

In 2019, the idea of ​​joining forces to launch a new wine brand materialized. The first step was to identify the type of wine they wanted to offer. So in the spring, Guy and Gilles tasted wines from different regions of Canada. Guy identified the kind of wine he liked and the research began.

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The brand's strategy is simple, consumers drink wines that Guy Lafleur likes. Style is not dictated by fashion. This couldn't be done if Wines and Spirits Guy Lafleur offered industrial wines.

For example, the Collection series only includes high-end wines from small plots that the winemaker will have vinified separately. The quantity of these exceptional wines is therefore limited.

In the summer of 2020, Guy and Gilles decided to add a Gin to the range of their products. Guy has been an amateur for a long time and the aromas of this Gin reflect his personal tastes.

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